Is It Good To Apply Lip Balm Every Day?

To lip balm or not to lip balm? What are the benefits of a lip balm and can you use it every day?

Is It Good To Apply Lip Balm Every Day?

Many of us have daily beauty routines that we follow without fail, but how many of us include applying lip balm in that routine?

If you're not already doing so, you should be!

The skin on our lips is very thin and delicate. More than that, it doesn't contain oil-producing glands like the skin on other parts of our bodies.

That's why our lips can get dry and dehydrated fast, especially when the weather outside is cold and windy.

Here, a good lip balm comes to the rescue! It will protect your lips from the elements, and keep them moisturized and soft.

So, how can a lip balm help your lips?

Preventing chapped lips

One of the most important reasons to apply lip balm every day is to prevent your lips from becoming chapped.

Chapped lips can be painful and uncomfortable, and they can also make it difficult to apply makeup or lip color evenly.

By applying lip balm every day, you can keep your lips soft and moisturized so that they're less likely to become chapped.

Keeping your lips hydrated

Applying lip balm every day can help keep your lips hydrated.

This is especially important in the winter months when the air is dryer and can leave your lips feeling chapped and cracked.

By keeping your lips hydrated with a lip balm, you can avoid discomfort and keep them looking their best.

Pick a natural zero-waste lip balm

With that said, it is very important to use a natural lip balm that will not just protect but also nourish your lips.

Natural lip balms do not contain harmful ingredients like parabens, petrolatum, or synthetic colors, and fragrances.

In addition, many natural lip balms come in sustainable eco-friendly packaging which is good for your lips and the environment.

For a list of eco-friendly and natural lip balms check out our article Best Zero-Waste Lip Balm For Your Lips And The Planet.

Make a natural lip balm yourself

A lip balm is one of those products that are super easy to make at home. If want to try your hand at making one yourself, check out our article How To Make A Homemade Lip Balm With 5 Simple Ingredients.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many good reasons to make sure that you're applying lip balm every day.

You can buy a lovely eco-friendly lip balm or even make one yourself!