How To Wrap Your Gifts In Fabric: Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

How To Wrap Your Gifts In Fabric: Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

If you're looking for a more eco-friendly way to wrap gifts, look no further than the ancient Japanese art of furoshiki.

Furoshiki is a traditional method of wrapping gifts (or anything else) using a square piece of fabric.

This simple yet elegant technique can be used to wrap everything from bottles and boxes to clothes and umbrellas.

Best of all, once the receiver has opened their gift, you can simply fold the fabric up and reuse it again and again!

How to Wrap a Gift Using Furoshiki

The first step is to choose a piece of fabric.

Silk, cotton, and linen are all good choices.

You'll want to use a fabric that is at least 45 cm (18 inches) square.

You can use old scarves, bandanas, tea towels, t-shirts, or just spare fabric to wrap your gifts.

The most straightforward way to wrap your gift furoshiki style is the Foldover Wrap.

  1. Lay your fabric flat, the right side down (iron the fabric before if necessary)
  2. Place your gift diagonally in the center of the fabric
  3. Take one corner and wrap it tightly around the gift
  4. Take the opposite corner and wrap it around the gift
  5. Bring the two open corners together and tie them tightly with a square knot
  6. Your gift is now wrapped using the furoshiki method!

Variations on the Traditional Method

Of course, there are endless variations of the traditional furoshiki gift-wrapping method.

For example, if you're wrapping a bottle, you can roll it in the wrap and then tie the free ends together.

Have a look at other ways to wrap your gifts furoshiki style in the video below.

Furoshiki is a beautiful and environmentally friendly way to wrap gifts (or anything else). Give it a try next time you need to wrap something special!

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