Best Zero-Waste Toothpaste Brands To Try In 2023

Best Zero-Waste Toothpaste Brands To Try In 2023

Conventional plastic toothpaste tubes are not recyclable and, unfortunately, are a huge source of pollution that ends up in landfills and even makes its way into our waterways.

Is there a way to reduce this unnecessary waste?

The answer is yes!

Today we have many zero-waste toothpaste brands that bring you both a sustainable and plastic-free product and a perfect clean every time.

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What is zero-waste toothpaste?

Let's see what makes toothpaste sustainable and zero-waste.

The things to consider are the ingredients that make the toothpaste, the form that toothpaste comes in and the packaging it is packed in.

Zero-Waste Ingredients

First of all, zero-waste ingredients have to be biodegradable and non-toxic (which is obviously a very important aspect of toothpaste).

The ingredients have to be ethically sourced. vegan and cruelty-free.

Since palm oil is a controversial ingredient because of its sustainability issues, it is always better to find palm oil free products.

Type of Toothpaste

Most of the zero-waste toothpaste comes as toothpaste tablets which are small tabs that you chew first and then brush with a wet toothbrush.

Other forms that sustainable toothpaste can come in are powder or paste.

All of the options are compact and lightweight since all the water is removed from the product.

This also helps reduce emissions during transportation.

Zero-Waste Packaging

Sustainable packaging is one that can be reused, composted, or at the very least recycled. Reused or composted are, of course, the preferred options.

And our zero-waste toothpaste brands do not disappoint.

Most products come in either a metal tin or a glass jar with a metal lid that can be refilled once you've used all the product.

Some products come in compostable packaging like a paper pouch.

Let's have a look at some best eco-friendly toothpaste brands available today.

Zero waste fluoride-free toothpaste

Welldental Chewtabs Advanced Zero Waste Whitening Toothpaste  Tablets


Weldental Chewtabs come in a glass refillable jar with a metal lid.

When you are done with your first set of Chewtabs you can purchase refills that come in a cardboard box that is compostable or recyclable.

Weldental Chewtabs are a good way to strengthen and whiten your teeth. All the ingredients are safe to swallow.

Weldental toothpaste tablets are fluoride free. Instead, they contain nano-hydroxyapatite, an ingredient that is naturally present in your teeth that helps remineralize them.

Here is a link to studies done on nano-hydroxyapatite so you can read more if you are interested.

Primal Life Organic Dirty Mouth Zero Waste Tooth Powder

best zero waste toothpaste primal life

Primal life Dirty Mouth toothpaste powder is carefully crafted with natural and safe ingredients like mineral-rich bentonite and kaolin clay mixed with baking soda and peppermint essential oil.

The tooth powder comes in a glass jar that is easily recyclable after use.

It is not just peppermint!

You can choose from a range of fun flavors like Sweet Spearmint, Bubblegum, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Spearmint, Sweet Peppermint, and Cool Orange.

The tooth powder is vegan and kosher, contains no GMOs, and has no fluoride.

Good Organics Zero Waste Toothpaste Tablets

best zero waste toothpaste good organics

Good Organics toothpaste tablets are made from naturally-derived ingredients including xylitol, calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, sodium cocoyl glutamate, and zinc citrate. They are vegan and safe to swallow.

The tabs gently clean and whiten your teeth, and refresh your breath.

They come in a glass jar that you can purchase refills for when you run out.

Good Organics products are manufactured in Canada.

hello Antiplaque & Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Tablets

Hello makes super refreshing zero-waste toothpaste tablets that are flavored with real farm-grown peppermint.

The toothpaste tablets are formulated with tea tree oil, coconut oil, and real peppermint, with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no fluoride, no peroxide, no dyes, no SLS sulfates, and no gluten.

The tooth tablets come in a super cute plastic-free, reusable and recyclable tin that you can use for refills.

Hello products are manufactured in the USA.

Zero-waste toothpaste with fluoride

If you want to switch to a plastic-free way of brushing your teeth but are not ready to give up fluoride, we have some good news.

There are a number of brands that produce these plastic-free beauties with fluoride. Here are some of them:

Unpaste Tooth tablets With Fluoride

best zero waste toothpaste unpaste

Unpaste tooth tablets are zero-waste, plastic-free tooth tablets with fluoride that are less abrasive than most kinds of toothpaste but are great at cleaning and refreshing.

The tooth tabs contain no preservatives, SLS, sodium saccharin, artificial colors, aluminum, or nanoparticles.

These toothpaste tablets come in a compostable bag made from paper and cornstarch.

The fluoride tablet is registered with FDA.

GloBoid Toothpaste Tablets With Fluoride

best zero waste toothpaste globoid

GloBoid toothpaste tabs are plastic-free and zero-waste.

Only the best ingredients are included in the tabs for the best feeling and looking teeth ever. Each tablet contains a healthy dose of 1450 ppm of fluoride.

GloBoid toothpaste tablets come in a refillable and recyclable glass jar.

GloBoid tabs are 100% eco-friendly, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and very effective.

Try oil pulling in addition to brushing

To keep your teeth extra healthy and clean, try another simple but effective zero-waste activity - oil pulling.

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves swishing oil in your mouth for 7-10 minutes to achieve health benefits that include reducing bacteria in your mouth, reducing gingivitis, whitening teeth, reducing plaque, and more.

The good thing about oil pulling is that it doesn't require any special technique or equipment.

All you need is a bottle of oil (it can be coconut, sesame, olive, or any other vegetable oil) and 10 spare minutes.

Before brushing your teeth, swish about 1 tablespoon of oil in your mouth, then spit it in the bin (otherwise it might clog your sink).

Rinse with water and brush as usual.

Read more about oil pulling, its benefits, and oils to use.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which toothpaste is best for the environment?

The best toothpaste for the environment would be a zero-waste toothpaste that delivers you great, healthy, and clean teeth and doesn't end up in the landfill as a used plastic tube.

The best zero-waste toothpaste is made out of safe, biodegradable ingredients and comes in refillable, compostable, or at least recyclable packaging.

Is waste-free toothpaste good for your teeth?

There are different brands out there offering zero-waste toothpaste. Some contain fluoride, some don't.

The best thing to do is consult your dentist and try a couple of different zero-waste brands to see which one is the most suitable for your needs.

Is there a zero-waste toothpaste with fluoride?

Yes, you can find plastic-free toothpaste that contains fluoride.

In fact, there are many options available. Pick one and pair it with a bamboo toothbrush and plastic-free dental floss for a truly zero-waste brush.


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